Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Eye on Rock Knee

We climbed the sandy cliffs near where we stayed on the Oregon Coast. It was spectacular!

When I pulled this photo up to look more closely at it, I was startled to notice the shape of an eye etched into the "knee" of the rock. There is also the faint shape of a face.

What do YOU see there in the rock?


Clytie said...

Ooooooh - let me see ... I see faces all over the place! I see an ancient egyptian goddess lifting her face to the heavens (jutting rock in background) ... and I see that "Dave - something - Candy ... or Canby". Beautiful photo, sissie!

Cedar ... said...

yes,...eye on outer left edge. I can see the other eye more faintly, and the nose with nostrils!

Laurie said...

Well spotted. Eye can see it. Great photograph.
Best wishes

Woman in a Window said...

Argh. Power of suggestion. Just the face. Wonder if it's the same one?