Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Afternoon Walk

Yesterday afternoon, just before the terrible thunderstorms which swept through our area, I went for a walk. The first thing which caught my eye were these tresses of blossoms. Aren't they gorgeous? I feel inspired to draw a little fairy with luscious flower hair like these. Some of my best inspirations come from nature herself.

The next thing I noticed was a perfectly shaped daffodil puffer. Yes, puffer! These were made specifically for children (and those young at heart adults), to pick, puff and watch in glee as the little parachuters float away into the air.

Here I caught our black cat Snow sunning herself in my garden. Yes, she was sitting on my catnip plant. Silly me to plant such a thing in my garden!

There was a spat of rain. I hid beneath a tree until it passed, then noticed a bluebell drenched in raindrops. She was so lovely I could not help but to take her picture.

Then I walked home and settled into daily life. That was before the storm struck! The lights flickered, the wind pounded in gusts up to 50 miles per hour. The rain pelted down so furiously it actually pushed itself through the ancient wood of the double hung windows of our old home.
When I went back outside, it was as though the world sighed in relief. Blue skies accented the dark clouds quickly moving across the skies. They blustered away in an unusual northeasterly pattern signifying the enormous power of the storm. In the front yard I found petals scattered deeply across the grass. And the beauty of a raindrop in the blossoms left behind.

What a wonderful day for a walk!


Cedar ... said...

Sounds like a wicked storm. going for a walk and truly seeing all that is around us is always fun. I just did that today.

Clytie said...

We must have gotten that same storm, just a little later. Fast and more than a little furious! I'm jealous of your walk though, and these wonderful awesome pictures you took. I especially love the fairy hair flowers.

Woman in a Window said...

I'm jealous. I will the tumult and yet it doesn't come. Perhaps I should be careful of where I stick my will.

Those first blooms cascading like that, surreal.