Thursday, April 9, 2009

Conversation With a Robin

My husband and I were on our way to Astoria. We found a park along the road, and stopped to look at a giant rusty train engine. I was fascinated.
Then I heard the cheery chirrup of a fat robin hopping across the grass toward me. Of course I answered back. Surprised, the little bird stopped. He looked looked left, then right. I could hear his thoughts. "Who said that!?"

I whistled again. He hopped nearer for a closer look, glimpsed the human and halted with a flip of his tail feathers. "Wait a minute! That's not a bird!" To his obvious astonishment, I whistled once more. He chirped a soft reply. "Who IS that?"

And I answered. He seemed to realize then, it was truly I who was talking to him. He looked me up and down. "Good grief! It IS a HUMAN!"

He hopped a few more steps closer, shook his feathery head, and stared at my feet in shock. "No feathers, and those feet! I can't believe it!"
But then to make sure, he quickly checked behind him. "Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe there IS another bird behind me!"
I whistled again. He ran a few paces nearer and came to a sudden decision. "Nope, it IS that human standing there grinning at me."
He gazed up at me and whistled just to make sure. When I answered, his expressive little face said it all. "Well I'll be a Robin's egg!"
He hopped a foot or two more, and just before he flew away, he paused to take another startled glance.
I leaned against the rusty old train and laughed with that abandoned joy which comes with the truly hilarious.


----- Jennifer ----- said...

your blog is very good

Clytie said...

I wish I had been there to see that curious little birdie. You caught the puzzled expression on his face very well. Chuckle.

Mekeel McBride said...

Had me laughing out loud! which sort of freaked out the dog who could not see or smell any reason for this hilarity. What a perfect description -- I'm pretty sure you translated that bird perfectly.

Anonymous said...

I love talking to the birds too. They often do enjoy hearing what we have to say.