Thursday, April 23, 2009

Snow on a Catwalk

Our old home has an actual catwalk around the outside on the second story--just enough of a ledge for a cat. I clicked this photo of our black cat "Snow" as she surveyed her world from the catwalk. I posterized it, and it came out so well, I thought I'd share it with you. As you can see, she has personality in spades!


Cedar ... said...

Beth,.. my cat is a twin,.. both in color and in attitude! Middy manages to jump up from the counter in the bathroom and balance on top of the bathroom door! Is it a black cat thing? Nice shot of Snow!

Anonymous said...

It reminds me that when we perch ourselves on a higher ledge we can more easily see the patterns of the many stories that are being woven together all around us.

Grannie Annie said...

Coool picture Beth. I'd like to get myself a big old Himalayen Cat I've always loved them, but I am sooooooo allergic. My granddaughter is very allergic to dogs so now I can't have either one
boo hoo :-(
Enjoy your cats for me.

Woman in a Window said...

Very cool photo. I like the play in the curved woodwork under the eave as well.