Monday, April 13, 2009

Rainbow Over the River

I thought it was time for another rainbow picture. Here you see the beauty of the rainbow as it arches its brilliant colors over the Willamette River. This was taken a couple of years ago with my very first camera.
I was sitting on the bank of the river, having gone for a walk. It was sunny when I'd started out, but I'd brought an umbrella just in case, because I'd glimpsed some purple clouds on the horizon. It was a good thing! As I huddled beneath the shelter of my umbrella, a strong swift storm crashed through. The wind blew and howled through the honey trees, the lighting flashed, the thunder cracked and boomed. And then stillness and the rainbow.
As my sweet Sissy advised years ago, "There could be no rainbows without both the sunshine and the rain." Such is life.
We would not know true joy for what it is, unless we'd experienced the storm beforehand.


Anonymous said...

Percisely, We have to become tense so that we can appreciate what it is like to relax.

Clytie said...

Awesome rainbow, sissie. Such a serene picture -- hard to believe a storm had just passed through!