Monday, April 27, 2009


Several years ago my family and I made a cross-country trip to the East Coast. We were driving down a lonely road in Montana when by chance, and totally unexpectedly, we noticed something a little strange about the hillside.

Can you see them?


Clytie said...

Oh yes, aren't they wonderful? We watched the wildlife people inoculate a herd of them once and saw them way up close. They are spectacular creatures!

Cedar ... said...

That photo looks like one of those hidden animal pictures! That adds to the interest of the shot!

david mcmahon said...

Yes, I saw them - natural camouflage notwithstanding. But I might have missed them had you not told us to look for them.

Re: yourpost about fairies. A blogger called Shrinky wrote a great post (with memorable picture) about 18 months ago, on the same subject.

(Came here from Woman in a Window)

Beth Niquette said...

Hello, David,

Thank you for your compliments on my photo. I am surprised to hear someone else has thought of a butterfly faery bubble tree/grove idea. I had several "bubble tree" drawings up on my art site on DeviantArt, as well as on my Myspace page.

My ideas on bubble trees butterfly faeries and bubble tree groves are from my imagination, as is the artwork.

I would like to have the link to Shrinky's site to see what artwork is there, and the ideas presented.

I really appreciate your letting me know about this.

Thank you, David.

Mekeel McBride said...

Wow, are they real? They look like maybe the rocks and moss dreamed them up.

Wendy said...

Oh yes, and what a lot of them! How wonderful to come upon a herd of mountain goats when you don't expect to do so.
Nice pic.

Woman in a Window said...

The rocks, they move.