Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In His Pants

Here she is, curled up in my husband's pants. Alan had to change clothes for an appointment. We laughed and laughed when we discovered Crickette's choice of a place to nap. She was so cute, and seemed so mischievous (look at her face), I took her picture.

This pretty little kitty adores my husband. She sits on the back of the couch and grooms his hair. She trips him in the kitchen, sits on his computer and whenever she can she sleeps on his clothing. She tolerates me with a kitty giggle and grin, but the true love of her life is Alan.


Clytie said...

Too cute! But it makes me wonder who she's going to call on that cell phone ... Cat Fancy? PlayCat? Hmmmmmm, Better check your minutes!

Plus, if 'ants in your pants will make you do a belly dance', what do cats in your pants do? Hahaha

Lisa Wilson said...

That's so funny! We find our Siamese cat sleeping in strange places, too.

Grannie Annie said...

This picture is a hoot!

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Hugs, from your twisted sister