Monday, March 23, 2009

Risk Taker

This little beauty barred my way as I walked upon a path in the Redwood National Forest. The shroom bravely defied not only the incredible strength and power in the size of the redwood trees, but the rude shock of human boots. I believe if asked the Shroom would say it finds its dangerous life in the pathway to be delightful.

This delicately colored mushroom is a true risk taker.


Clytie said...

You know I love mushrooms, and this one is simply astounding! How beautiful! How brave! A true armor-plated warrior!

Grannie Annie said...

Wow! it's so pretty I've never seen one like it before. Of course there isn't a big mushroom population in the desert.
I hope you're feeling better today and tomorrow, have a lovely week ~ Deann

Sharon said...

What a lacy, complicated Easter bonnet on this one! Terrific shot; love the contrast between the mushroom and the stony ground.