Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Woodland Faery Castle

This is one of the castles my sister Clytie and I discovered on one of our long tromps through the mysterious forest. I have no doubt but that in silvery starlight, one would find the faery folk dancing upon the mosses. There would be light streaming from the castle's invisible windows, and faery music floating out through the air.


Clytie said...

Do you remember when you and Alan walked in the woods in Tualatin and found something special in a glowing hollowed out log? Did you ever know his roomie and I were hiding behind a tree just a few feet away to make sure only you found it? That was so fun. I can just imagine the treasure to be found in THIS beautiful fairy castle!

beth inman said...

You found the perfect woodland fairie castle Beth!

Catherine said...

What a majestic castle. It's hard to improve on nature!