Saturday, March 28, 2009

Snow Faery

This is a photo of my garden, taken at night out the back door, during the big snowstorm. It was so beautiful. I am always in awe of the snow's mysterious ability to change everything with it's magical blanket of beauty.

As I wrote to a dear friend this week, " There’s something about snowflakes. The beauty of their way through the air. How they cover the world and make everything beautiful--somehow falling snow is peaceful. If one is inside next to a roaring fireplace, a windy snowstorm brings a sense of peace with it. "

But now I think I know why snow is so magical. If you look closely, you'll see there's a snow faery laughing through the snowflakes.

1 comment:

Clytie said...

Right in front of the fairy is one perfect snowflake. How did you do that? I've NEVER been able to capture a single flake! Wow!