Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lavender on Ice

Last Monday I went on a most wonderful walk with my younger sister Clytie. We tromped, cameras in hand, through the empty ruins of a nearby mega church (with permission, of course).

It is amazing, that in the presence of so much vandalism and ruin, one can find such beauty. The snow began to fall, touching our world with its special magic. Snow has the ability to transform ordinary things into extraordinary objects. It enhances beauty into absolute splendidness. (I know there's no such word--but in this case, only a made-up word fits!) (grin)

Here you see Lavender on Ice--if you look close enough I believe you can actually see the intricate shapes of the snowflakes.


Clytie said...

Ooooh! What a gorgeous shot! The white of the snow just touching the lavender-pink of the blossoms ... Truly remarkable.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful you. Just beautiful.