Sunday, June 7, 2009

Baby Blue Jay

Here you see a baby bluebird we rescued from Samson the Cat. I was nearly asleep when the kids frantically knocked on the door. Though it was dark outside, it seems they were hearing a big racket out in the side lawn.
Throwing on my big comfy robe, I dashed down with the kids to see what was the matter. Samson the cat seemed mighty intrigued by something there in the grass. Shooing the cat away, we found a fledgling bluejay, whose strength of voice had had apparently frightened the cat into keeping his distance.
We put him into a shoebox, lined with soft towels, and gently put a lid with holes over him. If he survived the night, we would know if the cat had made his mark or not.
The next morning the little fellow was still alive and kicking. When we consulted the wildlife rehab center, they advised us to put him someplace safe where his parents could find him. When fledglings first learn to fly, they spend three-four days on the ground. Dangerous times for these small birds.
I felt honored that this little bird rested so trustfully in my hands. The same was true of a tiny fledgling chickadee Samson the cat brought into the house a few days ago. I made sure he was alright, and about four hours later, I put him into a birdhouse with a large opening, in the top of the walnut tree. His parents found him, and some time later they flew away.


Grannie Annie said...

Rescuing baby blue birds you're my hero!! What a great picture and a handsome little fellow he is. I hope he hangs in there, the world is sorely in need of more blue birds. Good job Beth!

Cloudhands said...

Ah the life of a cat fancier. I am so glad you were able to rescue and hopefully save for it's future the little bird. Our two cats are more efficient than I care to think about. I never see little skinks anymore. I can only hope they managed to move out while the cats were napping in the house.

Clytie said...

Thank you for saving the bluebird. It's been wonderful to see them making a comeback in this area!

Cedar ... said...

I'm so glad you saved the baby bluebird,.. I hope he/she survives to grow up.

Sharon said...

Beautiful photo; and good thinking contacting the wildlife experts.

Woman in a Window said...

To hold flight like that...I think I might wet my pants. Wonderful!