Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Man with PLATES on His Head?

I've caught the Independence Angel with my camera more than once, and usually he's up to mischief. He chases eagles, kisses cats, and hugs the sun when he can.

I am sure this is our Independence Angel up to his old tricks! Yipes! Here in this untouched photo, he seems to be balancing a cloudy stack of plates on his head! What do you think?


Woman in a Window said...

I think it's a storm in his palm.

A friend of mine saw a Genie's lantern today in the clouds. Only ever seen two in her life, both important moments. I was lucky to be with her.

Clytie said...

Now THAT's a Hat! How come Independence gets all the cool angel clouds? It's not fair. Whimper, whine, whimper. Good catch, though!

Wendy said...

Plates? Naw, it looks like a stack of pancakes to me. Yummmy!