Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Neno Award

My darling sister, http://clytie-randomstuff.blogspot.com/ awarded me this very special Neno's Award! Sissy, I am truly and deeply honored. To receive such an award from you, means so much to me. I have always looked up to you, admired your gifts and talents--coveted your humor and friendship. I am SO blessed to have YOU as my sister.

And now (before I start springing a leak) a little about this award.

The award is given to those who love blogging
And love to encourage friendships through blogging
And to help others seek the reasons
Why we all love blogging.

I would like to nominate the following five blogs to also receive this beautiful award. Clytie says it best, "I wanted to say thank you to all of those who have taken time to of the many souls who inspire me, who offer such kind words, who grace blogland with their awesome talents." I can't list everyone (though I wish I could) . . . so I will start with:

1. Woman in a Window http://womaninawindow.blogspot.com/ and http://inthroughthebackdoor.blogspot.com/

I found Erin quite by accident. I eagerly read her blog, reveling in her extraordinary gift of expression. She is inspiring. I love the interesting way she sees the world. Her comments on my work and photography have been more encouraging than she could possibly know. Thank you, dear Erin.

2. Dancing With The Waves of the Sea http://wwwwherethewindblows.blogspot.com/

Sarah is a wonderful poet. Her poetry shines like a jewel, its woven words often cause me to think deeply, and she has inspired me to write poetry. Thank you, dear girl!

3. Mudbay Musings http://mudbaymusings.blogspot.com/

Catherine has the soul of an artist. Her observations and photography bless my heart. But not just that--she has taken time to encourage me as an artist. I am SO grateful to know this lovely thoughtful woman.

4. Looking to the Sun and Stars http://lookingtothesunandstars.blogspot.com/

I have been so fascinated by this wonderful lady's life-story. She has been such an encouragment to me. She is very brave, and inspires me in so many ways.

5. Iwings http://iwings.blogspot.com/

This dear lady is an incredible photographer. Her closeups of birds make my fingers itch for pen and paper. She has been an inspiration to me as a photographer, as she catches the antics of the wildlife surrounding her home, and displays the beauty of snail, insect, fern and flower.
My sweet sis Clytie has already awarded some of you , whom I would have listed here. (rassspberriessssszzz) Deann, you know you are so very precious to me--I am SURE we are somehow related, Sissy. Then there's Tera, Cedar, Jann, Marie, Nina, Cloudhands, Lydia, Be Not Forgot, Acorn Moon, MeKeel, Sharon, Pearl, Suzy, Lois, Holly, Peggy, Tammie and Tami . . . What a fabulous group of bloggers!!!

Thank you to each and every one of you. ((hugs))


Cedar ... said...

Truer words were never spoken,...we all love blogging, cherish our blogger friendships, and encourage each other. Thanks so much for including my name. You honor me,.. and I thank YOU from the bottom of my heart!

Looking to the Stars said...

Beth, thank you for your kind words. I am truly humbled by all your kindness. Thank you for the award, it is a true treasure :)

Catherine said...

Oh Beth, Thank you for the wonderful surprise! Your encouragement and friendship are a blessing… and your artwork, imagination and writing endlessly inspiring! Sharing your world with us is truly a precious gift that we are all humbled and honored to receive. Thank you for the lovely award – coming from you, it is special indeed!

Woman in a Window said...

Beth, thank you. You are so good to me. I receive it with much appreciation, dear woman. Thank you. You inspire me.

Anonymous said...

Dear Beth, my thanks heart felt; always.Not just for this, but all you give me through your words and pictures too. Hugz.