Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Perfect Frame

I couldn't help but to notice how perfectly these trees framed the skies.

It is up to the observer to see what pictures have formed in the clouds they border. I see several things. There's a perfect child's profile, a man with a VERY big nose, and two great eyes peering from the side.

What do YOU see?


Clytie said...

I see an upside down horse!

Cloudhands said...

I'm seeing Big Bird at the top middle, he seems to be looking up and away. That U cloud is tantalizing in that I can't make it into anything other than the U. Pretty picture. I love pictures framed naturally by trees.

Cedar ... said...

I always find something in the clouds... and in tree branches too!

Woman in a Window said...

I see a giant pickle. Oh wait, no! That's the pickle I'm eating right now. Just clouds I'm afraid. It's late. I'm tired. (and yes, i'm eating pickles anyway.)