Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Snow on Palm

In early Spring I drove to my friend Lynn's house. She lives in the hills high above Oregon City, where it can snow at some unlikely times! Just after I arrived the snow began to fall--it was magical--especially when the snowflakes settled like stars on the palm tree, which flourished its new bright, green fronds into the fray.

Believe it or not, it appeared to me the palm tree was having a lovely time. It seems she is admiring the snow "stars" on her "hands." In fact, I'm sure I saw that tree smile and wave when she saw me admiring her from the balcony window.


Clytie said...

Wow! To think of a palm tree here in western Oregon is amazing! No wonder her hands are held out, catching the unusual white stuff!

magiceye said...

looks as if the palm is dancing in happiness!

Cedar ... said...

Beth,... snow on a palm tree, now that IS truly unexpected! The palm is holding her fingers out admiring her "frosted" nail polish!

Woman in a Window said...

There's a poem there waiting to be born.