Monday, June 8, 2009

Shadow of Me

Whimsical, wisted, whispering, moving.

Mind's eye graceful, full of pictures, flying.

Winged, twirling, sparkles and rushing.
Gossamer, soft, sheer.

Arising and shouting!
Weeping and singing,


Creating, screaming, feeling.
Colors, anger, tears, love, beauty.
Freedom. To be free.
To express.
To create.
Inexplicable longing, yearning.


Only the shadow of me.


Cedar ... said...

Interesting words, and nice shot,... angle of your shadow, hair blowing, hands up taking the picture.

Woman in a Window said...

All these things! Yes!
And the elusive weave that your belt loose at waist...entreaty.

Clytie said...

Shadows of you ... shadows of all.
Women. Artists. Souls. Beauty. Abandonment. Laughter. Sadness. Compassion. Frustration. Shadows we all have and think no one can see. Yet I see yours and you see mine. And behold, shadows are more of us than we think.

Grannie Annie said...

Love it, Your post and Clyties comment.
A beautiful, haunting phantom on stone.

Beth Niquette said...

Well, sweet Sissy and darling Sissy--you've hit it on the nose. And thank you. Thank you.

BeNotForgot said...

L-U-V the image AND the word-arrangement!