Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Be on Thyme

It was a cool morning. I was in my garden taking pictures of these very lovely blooms, and suddenly noticed this dear little honey bee sitting atop the thyme. He seemed to be shivering and too cold to move. I took a moment to sit with him until the sun inched down into the lawn to warm his wings.

He didn't seem to mind as I took his picture--in fact, I am sure the little fellow wiggled-waved a friendly antennae at me. As the sun finally touched and warmed his chill, he stretched his wings, smiled a wee bee grin and gracefully flew away, but not before circling my head a time or two.

A side note: Awhile back I posted a photo of flowers I thought were thyme. However since then I have discovered those blossoms were actually rosemary! Rosemary is delicious in salads and soups, and the leaves and flowers make a tasteful garnish for roasts and hamburger.


Clytie said...

I'm so glad to see the honey bees when they show up to the springtime flowers. Our local populations have taken a direct hit from the deadly mite infestation, and seemed to be gone. Fortunately, they now seem to be coming back ... ever so slowly. Or may I say "Just in thyme"?

Cedar ... said...

Be on Thyme, Bee on Thyme, Be on time,... good one!

Rajesh said...

Beautiful snap with good narration

Woman in a Window said...

We have bees! And I found my kids trying to whack them with a frisbee. Boy, did I ever have to set them straight! We need our bees.

Sharon said...

I love a pun, the worse the better!
Bees do shiver to get their muscle temperature up; they need high muscle temp for fast flight.
Nice shot!