Thursday, June 11, 2009


Snowbunny is very old. I take her outside to the garden, and we do photoshoots. I know in her heart, she believes she is the Panther, mother of two human girls, sister to their parents.

Hmmmm....some animals are so human it can get a little scary.


Clytie said...

Beauteous Snowbunny Panther. Her rich life has enriched so many others! She is beautiful.

Cedar ... said...

Snowbunny the Panther is beautiful. Did you know she has a twin? My own Midnight looks just like that. I've told her that with her sleek and muscular two year old body she walks like a panther! gotta love our cats!

Woman in a Window said...

But with a face like that I'm not sure the cat's not right.

magiceye said...

do bring her over to pet pride!

Have started a new meme Pet Pride where you can display your or your friends' pets every week beginning every Sunday! Do join in and share your pet pride with the world!

Grannie Annie said...

Beautiful babies both even if they do have delusions of grandure.
Have a happy birthday today sissyboo!